Monitor When Your Doors/Windows AND Your Freezer/Fridge and/or Simple Security Box is Accessed from Your Smart Phone in REAL TIME!
Monitor When Your Doors/Windows AND Your Freezer/Fridge and/or Simple Security Box is Accessed from Your Smart Phone in REAL TIME!
Monitor When Your Doors/Windows AND Your Freezer/Fridge and/or Simple Security Box is Accessed from Your Smart Phone in REAL TIME!

Monitor When Your Doors/Windows AND Your Freezer/Fridge and/or Simple Security Box is Accessed from Your Smart Phone in REAL TIME!

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By installing a door open/close time sensor you'll KNOW when the package or groceries were delivered and WHETHER they were put into your box by the deliverer. (OPTIONAL wifi door bell cameras, property monitoring, etc., can be added with NO wiring, NO network, NO expensive monthly fees..just ask us)

We think you'll agree that there's nothing like wondering if your delivery arrived and coming home to find out it still isn't there.  By putting a monitoring app on your phone that uses your homes wifi to connect with a sensor system, you eliminate the wonder and worry.  

NOTE - Many home security systems have sensors available that can be added to the system that would be unique to your porch delivery box, whichever type or make of box you choose.  IMPORTANT - most of these sensors do NOT work at all temperatures and they may not be weatherproof or resistant. If you have such a system, check your vendor to see if you can add one of their devices for your PorchBoxDrop to their system which can then be attached to the box. Also, you would be wise to first consider how you will: 1. weatherproof the sensor since it will be outside 24/7, and; 2. depending upon the temperature extremes of your unique, climate, deal with the device possibly not working when temperatures drop below the range your system/device provider requires; 3. purchase an entire home system which can cost hundreds, a smaller system for less or only one sensor that doesn't require an entire home system. (with a home system you can install sensors all over your home, or the entrances, wherever you feel vulnerable....)

At PorchBoxDrop we researched the issues and available products and have found what we believe are 'workarounds' for issues #1. and #3.  For issue #2, we figure the device may not work when the temperatures are at their extreme.  Until more robust devices are made, which we can suggest when we find them available, we felt the least expensive device that is also the most affordable would be the best solution. While researching the temperature issue we found very little information we deemed reliable, but found some online comments that indicated the devices would be workable outdoors if they were weather "proofed". 

So, we suggest a simple solution. 1. Purchase the device we list here as it is affordable and doesn't require a 'hub', which whole systems have, and which can be easily weatherproofed by enclosing the two elements of the sensor in zip plastic bags.

We also do NOT suggest the sensor be installed INSIDE of a freezer/refrig box because, well, the temperature is always going to be extreme inside the box even when it's not extreme outdoors.  Instead, install the adhesive attached sensor components outside of the  box as we show in the illustrations.  By attaching the sensor to the back of the box it would be difficult, if not impossible, to see by passersby as it would be out of view. In that location the sensor would also be less susceptible to theft or damage.

  • SMART SECURITY ALERTS: Keep your PorchBoxDrop freezer/refrigerator and un-refrigerated boxes safe and secure and get push notifications and alerts on your phone whenever the door is opened or gets triggered. Have peace of mind knowing you have a record of access time to your box at all times. Install this sensor on your front door, back door, garage, liquor cabinets, important file bins, pet doors and more.
  • EASY TO ATTACH: Adhesive strips are attached so you simply stick the device to the (outside) back of the freezer with the magnetic (small) component on the back edge of the lid and the signalling (large) component on the back of the (outside) of freezer/refrig unit, just below, making certain it is almost "touching" the the magnetic component (not more than 1/2 inch of separation) and follow included instructions for wifi activating and accessing your mobile app. 
  • FULL WIRELESS OPERATION: Monitor your sensor(s) from anywhere around the world. No additional hub or hardware is needed. Simply connect device(s) to your home Wifi router and start using. Easy to pair devices can be connected and controlled via the manufacturers App available for free download on your smart device. 
  • POWER EFFICIENT: Low energy consumption sensor runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries that last from 6 months to a year, depending upon environmental conditions. When batteries are running low, an alert will be sent to your device via the mobile app so you can change batteries when needed in advance.
  • DEVICE AND PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY: Manufacturer's mobile app is compatible with Android devices and iOS devices. Be alerted instantly on your App when the sensor picks up movement of the lid/door of your box. Rules and scenes can be created on the mobile app and grouped with other compatible products (SOLD SEPARATELY BY MANUFACTURER) to behave a certain way when the sensor is triggered.
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 devices and iOS 8 devices or above, and we recommend an update of your smart phone operating system.  2.4 GHz Wifi compatibility only
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (Included)
  • Size: 4.72" square x 1.65" deep