Q & A's

What brands of freezers, refrigerators, deck boxes, secure boxes and locks do you sell?

We don't list our brands simply because, even though there are only two manufacturers of affordable, small freezers we feel are fitting for PorchBoxDrop, they are branded and marketed under dozens of names. By seeking out the configuration(s) we need rather than brand names, we sometimes find brands that have what we need one day and then, not another.  It was frustrating, so because all brands are almost the same, we now just show images, details, etc., and provide whatever brand fits our current inventory needs at the time.

Does PorchBoxDrop manufacture the product sold on this site?

No. We purchase from third parties under a variety of arrangements.

What about warranties - who honors the warranties?  

We can easily return items that are non-working or defective when we inventory them, but it's not so easy when the manufacturers don't warranty any more than one or two parts of a unit and are arbitrary and unpredictable how they will handle claims. So, on our own, we determine the best solution for product defects which we then try to cover under our Terms of Service and Refund Policies, and also remind our customers that the low cost of the individual components of a well assembled PorchBoxDrop freezer/refrigerator unit in a basic configuration (inside, protected and concealed in side of a deck box) are subject to changing and sometimes harsh environmental issues, so no warranties are available.  We hope it relaxes our customers somewhat that our prices reflect the risks and realize that replacement every so often is to be expected of appliances used out of the home.

Why is the freezer/refrigerator unit available with only one single door?  Why not a freezer door and a separate refrigerator door?

Because, if you think about it, the cost of the unit would be more than double for very little reason.  Generally, your delivered frozen foods MUST be frozen and your fresh foods should not be frozen, nor should they be warm.  Further, dry non-perishables don't matter, as they can be frozen or not, while wet non-perishables should be considered freezable, but the packaging used may be harmed if they are frozen. We explain this on the information card attached to the inside of the unit so that your delivery person is responsible for arranging all four categories of items and delivering and storing them appropriately. We recommend frozen items be put in the coldest part of the freezer, the bottom, surrounded by non-perishables and the fresh groceries and wet non-perishables then be placed into an insulated bag on the top of the rest of the groceries when placed in the freezer. You see, the insulated bag prevents the fresh and wet non-perishables from freezing and the dry non-perishables are filling space to protect both the frozen foods and the insulated bag. Since groceries are not going to be in the box for a prolonged period of time, and we assume less than a few hours, this makes for a simple solution to something that need not be complicated.  A refrigerator can't keep frozen foods frozen, but a freezer can, and as long as the fresh foods are prevented from freezing, this solution works and is the simplest.    

What about in the winter, when it's already freezing outside? 

We suggest not turning on the freezer if the outdoor temperature is below '0' degrees, since we assume it's probably already freezing inside the freezer, and to go ahead and place the groceries in the box as suggested, of course adjusting for planned weather temperature predictions during the storage period, which must be considered.

Is it necessary to get a deck storage unit to place the freezer into?

This depends upon your choices, but in our opinion, is necessary. If you are placing the freezer unit where it is protected from weather, hot sunlight, etc., that is a different consideration vs an exposed location where a containment deck or porch box will help protect not only from theft, but from damage from rain, snow, wind, animals and theft.  Further, some neighborhoods or locations have associations with appearance requirements that might necessitate a deck box or concealment of some sort.  Obviously, a freezer unit is going to operate more efficiently, for a longer period and cause less wear and tear when placed inside a deck box. 

Will a deck storage unit without a freezer/refrigerator protect fresh groceries?

Yes, but mainly from theft. A porch box that isn't refrigerated is going to be much hotter inside when the sun is shining on it so, in some cases, your delivery will be safer from theft but more susceptible to faster spoilage without the refrigerator unit. 

What if there is no electricity available where I want the box placed?

We'll deliver to whatever placement conditions you direct, as this is your decision.  However, we'd warn you to plan to provide grounded, safe electrical power to whatever storage or receiving device you're planning to protect your groceries.  (Ask your electrician or city for codes regarding placement, use and safety considerations.)

Once I order and pay, how do I arrange delivery?

We text, call and email you within 24 hours or you can call immediately to make arrangements for delivery.  If you leave a message, we reply quickly.  We reply even more quickly to "Immediate Delivery Options".

How do I know that delivery is coming as scheduled?

Our delivery person will text/call you to notify you in advance, within two (2) hours of delivery we are on our way.

What if I'm not home when your delivery person arrives?

We have no choice but to call and text you upon arrival if you are not present.  We then wait for no longer than ten minutes before delivery of item(s) to your porch or deck, garage, etc., at the discretion of the delivery person.  If you wish to schedule another time for delivery and you do so one hour prior to the arrival of our delivery person, there is no charge.  If you wish to schedule another time for delivery within an hour of our arrival, there will be an additional charge which is calculated based upon our schedule, travel distance and other costs we may incur. 

What if I wish to order and I'm not in your delivery area?

Notify us you are interested and we will contact you.  If we can somehow assist you in this matter, we will.