How to Improve Grocery Delivery, Deliverers' Pay and Customer Time Contraints While Increasing Daily Stops

Food delivery is exploding as deliverers and grocers look for ways to solve problems for themselves and customers. All this while the delivery networks are looking for profit and debt repayment, neither of which does NOT have to negatively impact the consumer. Taking the deliverers tips away is another problem today

For grocers and deliverers, for consumers who want to order groceries online and get delivery securely and safely even when not at home, consider telling your customers about a PorchBoxDrop solution.

With PorchBoxDrop -

1. Groceries can be delivered anytime to a secure and safe refrigerated/frozen storage solution on the customer's front porch so the food stays at the right temperature no matter when the customer retrieves it, and the customer is responsible - not the store or deliverer.

2. Even with the customer not at home, tips are left in cash in a secure, locked container for retrieval by the deliverer in exchange for the delivery which no one can access without the combination number that the customer leaves on the order.

3. Because the groceries are then left in the same box, frozen and refrigerated and non-perishable, 24/7, deliveries can happen even when customers aren't home, allowing deliverers to make many more deliveries during the day, even during non-peak.

Even though a PorchBoxDrop costs can run into hundreds of dollars, just two deliveries makes it worthwhile to the right customer which is better for the store, provides more flexibility with scheduling and no more porch piracy worries.     

By asking the customer to simply list their box combination on the notes and/or second address line, grocers and deliverers get fast access, assurances of receipt are assured and deliverers scaling up to being able to handle lots more customers each day increases their pay. 

See more about this unique solution in our blog entries, because, like back in the old days, ice and milk boxes ruled.