Hate Grocery Shopping? Order Online and Avoid the Line

Retail Feedback Group survey found that consumers who buy groceries online do so because it saves them time (64%) and offers a more convenient experience than shopping in-store (52%).

Further, one of their surveys found that “It’s no surprise that online grocery shoppers find their experience more efficient and convenient," said Doug Madenberg, RFG principal. "But the fact that online shoppers find the experience both more enjoyable and more pleasantly surprising than an in-store visit should be a wakeup call for all brick-and-mortar retailers.”

Additionally, many consumers are still wary of purchasing meat online, and some have had bad experiences in doing so. 

Of the online shoppers who indicated they had received products below their quality standards, 26% said the items in question included meat. As such, 8 in 10 online shoppers (81%) expressed that quality was the top factor that they consider very important when purchasing meat, followed by price (65%) and proper handling and refrigeration (63%).

Those who did not purchase meat online cited reasons such as wanting to choose the meat themselves or worrying that meat would not be refrigerated properly during transport.